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Short Term Greenland Trade Forums Local Consultant



In June 2020, the United States re-opened a consulate in Nuuk, Greenland. U.S. engagement in Greenland is based on respect for national sovereignty, advancing a rules-based order, and constructive engagement among Arctic states to address shared economic, scientific, and environmental challenges. U.S. engagement aims to ensure a prosperous Arctic region and that energy and economic resources are developed in a sustainable and transparent manner in ways that respect the environment and the interests and cultures of indigenous people. A strong and self-reliant Greenland can ensure economic and political stability in the Arctic. USAID’s presence in Nuuk highlights U.S. commitment to partner with Greenland in strengthening the economic ties between the two countries. 

One method to increase bilateral economic ties is through trade. Current direct trade volumes are low ($18.6 million in exports and $27.2 million in imports in 2019 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic ), and frequently subject to exaggerated transportation timelines passing through Icelandic and Danish ports. US imports from Greenland are primarily fish and crustaceans (accounting for 95% of exports), followed by prepared meats/fish, and other commodities. U.S. exports to Greenland, per publicly available trade statistics, are concentrated in alcohol (almost 50% of imports) and food, as well as consumer goods.  U.S. products, whether coming from the U.S. or from American companies with entities abroad, do enter Greenland through Denmark as well. These volumes and values cannot be disaggregated from Denmark’s trade statistics and it is not yet possible to quantify U.S. trade flows to Greenland through Denmark.

USAID/Greenland has already conducted an Economic Landscape Assessment to identify opportunities, challenges, and public and private sector stakeholders impacting Greenland’s economic growth.

The USAID Digital Economy and Market Development project is seeking a local Greenlandic Trade Consultant who will support efforts to increase bilateral trade by working with a team of American consultants to develop a suite of resources and events including:

1. A set of importer and exporter case studies highlighting bilateral trade success stories,

2. A guide or brochure summarizing frequently asked questions and highlighting available information or resources for exporters/importers (supplemented by a brief internal report outlining critical importer/exporter issues or barriers to doing business),

3. A series of four virtual trade forums designed to build awareness and relationships for businesses in both Greenland and the US.

4. A 10 year strategy plan for the Municipality of Sisimiut to areas of opportunity for future investment and spur economic growth.  

The Greenlandic consultant would provide support in identifying and coordinating outreach to various stakeholders in the trade ecosystem including private sector businesses engaging in trade, local business associations or associations of traders, as well as public sector entities that support Greenlandic trade. The consultant would work with all team members and report to the Team Lead. Candidate to propose daily rate commensurate with experience.



Activity 1: Case studies

1. Working with the USAID mission in Greenland coordinate identification and outreach to select Greenlandic companies already successfully exporting to the US and facilitate case study interviews in coordination with the US based consultant. May also support identification of US companies exporting to Greenland.


Activity 2: Brochure for potential importers/exporters

2. Support US based consultant in researching Greenland’s resources, information sources, and contacts for US companies looking to trade with Greenland. Research would include both desk research, locating and compiling any existing websites, or published materials, and primary research identifying key government points of contact or authorities for interview.


Activity 3: Virtual trade forum series

3. Support US based consultants in identification, outreach and coordination with Greenlandic companies (10-20) participating in the 4 virtual trade forums (one general and 3 sector specific: consumables, outdoor goods and apparel, and tourism/hospitality). Also support identification and outreach to other Greenlandic stakeholders participating in the forums (e.g. industry associations, logistics companies, public sector representatives).


Activity 4: Sisimiut Municipal Strategy

4. Support US based consultants in the development of the Sisimiut 10 year municipal strategy.




Key Activities:


1. June/July 2022:

Activity 1: Case Studies

Support identification of 2-3 companies from the US and Greenland each (4-6 total) currently engaging in US/Greenland trade who are willing to be highlighted in a case study.


Activity 2: Brochure for potential importers/exporters

Support desk research and identification of companies (coordinated with Activity 1 & 3) and public sector authorities to be interviewed for guide.


Activity 3: Virtual trade forum series

Support identification of Greenlandic companies to participate in Trade Forums (approximately 20 total, building on list/recommendations from USAID/Greenland mission). Support outreach to relevant business associations or other Greenlandic groups to include in forums. 


2. July/August 2022:

Activity 1: Case Studies

Support interview process for case studies.


Activity 2: Brochure for potential importers/exporters

Support interview process for brochure/report. Provide any supplemental research. Contribute to internal report/recommendations for brochure.


Activity 3: Virtual trade forum series

Support forum preparation and coordination with participating Greenlandic firms and other stakeholders.


3. August 2022:

Activity 3: Virtual trade forum series

Support coordination with Greenlandic firms and other stakeholders for first trade forum event.


4. August/September 2022:

Activity 3: Virtual trade forum series

Support coordination with Greenlandic firms and other stakeholders for 3 sector specific trade forum events.


Activity 4: Sisimiut Municipal Strategy

Support desk research of existing data on municipal economy, workforce and industry. Support identification of key public and private sector stakeholders for interviews and support interview process.


The Greenland Trade Consultant will report to the Team Lead and coordinate with other team members working on the 4 concurrent activities. The Greenland Trade Consultant in consultation with other team members will lead the outreach and identification of Greenlandic firms, and other public and private sector stakeholders to include in the various events and contribute to reports and deliverables.





Number of days

Greenland Trade Consultant

Greenland based local consultant who can provide support in outreach to Greenland public and private sector; and inputs for the Brochure and supporting internal import/export report.





  1. Bachelor’s degree or higher in a field related to economics, international business, international relations, public policy or similar.
  2. Experience conducting research on Greenlandic trade issues, or working with public and private sector actors on Greenlandic trade.
  3. Professional relationships with or connections to businesses and industry associations in the three targeted sectors: consumables, outdoor goods and apparel, and tourism/hospitality is preferred.
  4. Professional relationships with or connections to public sector stakeholders and institutions who support or regulate trade with Greenland is preferred.
  5. Must be fluent in English and Greenlandic.
  6. Must be a citizen or permanent resident of Greenland.
  7. Full time employees of the Government of Greenland are not eligible unless on leave of absence.
  8. Experience working on USAID projects preferred.


Interested applicants may apply by sending their CV/Resume to the following:


Anne Szender McCarthy, Chief of Party



Kaitlan Havlicek McClenahan, Analyst